November 28, 2023

Police were dispatched to a report of a domestic disturbance. Both parties were spoken to and there was no indication that anything physical had taken place. One party left voluntarily and no further police involvement was required.

Police attended to a residence in the north end of the city for a report of a dispute. Police were able to mediate the situation and services were offered for assistance.

Police performed a traffic stop on Kensington Avenue and found the driver to be impaired by an intoxicant.  A 22 year old female had her drivers license suspended for 72 hours and the vehicle was seized.

Police arrested an intoxicated male found to be sleeping in a local restaurant.  He was lodged in cells for the night and to be released later on Wednesday morning.

Police performed a search of a residence on an individual currently on release with conditions to abide by.  Police located possession amounts of narcotics.  The 29 year old Estevan female was arrested for breaching her conditions and lodged in cells to be released in the morning.

Police checked another vehicle during night shift and found the driver to be exhibiting signs of impairment.  The driver was issued a twenty-one day drivers license suspension and the vehicle was seized for seven days.