November 29, 2018 – Night shift

A Hit and Run which occurred in a South East Estevan neighborhood resulted in an 18 year old Estevan man being charged under the Traffic Safety Act for Failing to report damage to property owner as well as Driving at a speed that is greater than reasonable and safe. The man was reported driving recklessly and lost control as he proceeded around a corner and striking a parked vehicle.

A burglar alarm was reported in North East Estevan which, upon police arrival, resulted in being false. No further issues were reported.

Police were dispatched to a central Estevan establishment on the report of a male refusing to leave. The intoxicated Estevan man was arrested upon police arrival and transported to EPS where he was lodged in cells until sober. The matter remains under investigation and further charges are pending.

Wile on patrol, members came upon two people arguing in a central Estevan parking lot. A 32 year old male driver was chargedĀ  with Drive While Suspended under the Traffic Safety Act and the vehicle towed as a result. The matter was resolved without further incident with no further issues.

B Platoon

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