November 4, 2021

Members attended the scene of a motor vehicle collision in East central Estevan that resulted in one of vehicles being towed from the scene due to the damage sustained. The collision was caused by a truck pulling a trailer proceeding onto the street in the path of another vehicle. The driver of the truck/trailer was charged with failing to yield right of way when entering a highway under the Traffic Safety Act. No injuries were sustained.

A scam was reported regarding the complainant receiving an email saying that her anti virus subscription was being renewed for 3 years at $100.00 a year and if they didn’t contact the service provider, it would be automatically renewed. When the complainant reached out to the company, they advised they needed access to her computer. The access was granted, but not before the scam was realized. Luckily there was no loss experienced as the proper steps were taken upon realization of the scam. The public is to continue to be extra vigilant in regard to this and other similar scams.

EPS received the report of a male who entered a home in West central Estevan uninvited and with the home owner home. The male, who was startled by the home owner’s dog, stated he was an electrician, then left. Extensive patrols were done, but no one was found. The male is described as First Nations, slender build with a beard. The public is reminded to ensure doors are locked and should consider locking doors even when home.

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