November 4, 2023

Police received a report of theft from a local business.  As police were looking into the matter, the suspect returned to the store and committed a second theft.  A 29 year old female was subsequently arrested.  She will be held in custody for the weekend to appear in court on Monday morning.

Police attended to a noise complaint resulting in an individual being charged under the noise bylaw.   Police were called back a short time later and the individual was arrested and lodged in cells until sober.  He will receive a second bylaw violation ticket.  A total of $750.00 worth of fines resulted from his repeat actions .

Police attended to another noise complaint in the Trojan subdivision.  The homeowner was warned under the bylaw.

Police attended to a third noise complaint in the Hillside area of the city.  The homeowner was also warned under the bylaw.

Police located a 39 year old male in the city core that was found to be on a Conditional Sentence Order with a 24 hour curfew.  He was arrested and will be held for court Monday morning for breaching his Conditional Sentence Order.