November 5, 2020

Members and EMS responded to the report of a vehicle/pedestrian collision in North central Estevan. The driver of an Eastbound car turned right at an intersection and collided with a youth who was riding his bike West bound while crossing at the crosswalk. Only minor injuries reported and slight damage to the bicycle. The 75 year old Estevan male was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for failing to the yield the right of way to a pedestrian in a cross walk.

A 32 year old Stoughton man was arrested and charged as a result of a theft of merchandise  that occurred at a North Estevan retail store. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance in Estevan Provincial Court on December 20, 2020 at 9:30 AM.

Police received a report that individuals were drinking alcohol in a vehicle, while getting fuel at a local service station. Members attended and spoke with the individuals. No alcohol in the vehicle.

Police received a call regarding a male damaging the windshield of a vehicle. Members attended and observed damage to the vehicle. The male had left prior to members arrival. The matter is still under investigation.

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