October 08, 2020

Police received a report of an attempt scam.  Individuals alleging to be employers seeking employees offered a job to the victim and then attempted to collect personal information and deposit money into the victims account.  The scammer was attempting to get the individual to purchase items for the scammer.  The victim became suspicious and terminated contact with the scammer.  The scammer attempted to intimidate threatening to call the police.  The victim did not respond to the threats.  The matter is still under investigation in an effort to link to other attempts to scam.

Police remind the public to be cautious what personal information you provide to someone over the phone or internet.  Take extra efforts to identify and confirm the identity of those you are communicating with.

An Estevan Police Service CTSS member was involved in a collision with a moose on Highway 47 north of the junction with Highway 361. The member was not injured in the collision however significant damage to the patrol vehicle occurred.  The accident is being investigated by the RCMP.

Several conditions checks completed on individuals around the city. All were complying with their conditions.

Police received a report of a fight at a local business. The individuals were not fighting when police arrived. Everyone was sent on their way.

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