October 14, 2022

Police received a driving complaint in relation to vehicles speeding in the Hillside area of the city.  Police attended and did radar for an extended period of time and were unable to detect any speeders.

Police received a complaint in relation to a landlord refusing to turn over mail received for a past tenant.  Police spoke to the landlord and were advised all the mail had been returned to Canada Post.  The complainant was advised to speak to Canada Post.

Police received a report of copper wire being taken from motors from a property in the industrial area of the city.  As a preventative measure police ask the public to report any suspicious vehicles observed in any areas so members can attend to identify the individuals and the vehicles.  This matter is still under investigation.

Traffic stop resulted in a 72 hour suspension and a 5 day vehicle impound. The vehicle was stopped after leaving a local business that sells alcohol.

Received a report of possible suspicious activity. The individuals were selling items and the profits were supposed to go to help families in need. Matter is still under investigation.

Report of an intoxicated male walking in the central part of the city. Members located the male and he was transported home and left with a sober individual.