October 17, 2022

Police received a report of a theft that occurred over the weekend.  Two tires were stolen off a trailer that was on a property in the 400 block of 5th Street.  The tire rims were aluminum and will only fit the trailer they were on.

While looking into the above theft police located another theft that occurred at a business on Devonian Street.  The fence at the back of the yard was cut and an electric motor was taken along with some wire.  There was wire located in the grass and the motor was opened up and the copper wire taken out of it.  Police were able to located the owners of the property to let them know of the theft. The matter is still under investigation.

Police want to remind property owners to take as many precautions as they possibly can to secure or protect their possessions.  Police will continue to patrol these areas and are asking the public to report any suspicious activity.

A complaint was received of an impaired driver leaving an establishment in North East Estevan. Members attended the area, but the vehicle wasn’t found.

A complaint was received of two vehicle racing in North central Estevan. Due to little description details of the vehicles, they were not found.