October 19, 2021

Police received a report of a disturbance from a residence in the south end of the city.  Police spoke to one of the parties involved and the matter is still under investigation.

Police were advised that a citizen received a call from someone indicating that she had a warrant for her arrest.  The complainant advised she thought it was a scam and blocked the number.  Police remind the public that warrants for arrest are not cleared up over the phone.  Please do not respond to these types of calls by providing them any information.

Police arrested a 52 year old male from a local hotel room.  He was found to be present in the hotel room with a female he is on conditions to not have contact with.  He further was found to be breaching another condition of his release and was held for court.  He will appear in court Wednesday October 20, 2021 on his charges.

Police received a driving complaint about an individual operating a vehicle in a careless manner on a school parking lot.  The vehicle was located and the driver was charged under the the Traffic Safety Act.

Police received a driving complaint in relation to a white mustang.  The matter is still under investigation.

Police received a complaint about a male going through vehicles in the southeast end of the city.  Police attempted to locate the male but were unable.  Police remind the public to secure your vehicles and not leave any valuables in plain view from outside the vehicle.


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