October 27, 2022

Media Release-Day Shift

Police received a report of suspicious activity.  An unknown male had rang a secure  a condo door to advise he had an Amazon package for the occupant.  The resident asked the male to leave the parcel.  The male said he could not do that.  The resident then said to to wait and would be down to meet him.  When the resident arrived to the door, the male was gone.  The caller advised that they had not ordered from Amazon.  Police would like to caution residents to call police regarding any suspicious activities and not to allow unknown persons into a secure building.

A  local metal yard employee reported a theft from a scrap metal drop of bin on their property. Details of the suspect were obtained and the male was located and spoken to.  The item was returned without issue.  It was determined he misunderstood the purpose of the bin thinking they were discarded items. He was warned for his actions.

Members attended a central Estevan establishment on the report of two males involved in an altercation. One of the intoxicated males was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place as well as having an arrest warrant from another jurisdiction.