October 29, 2022

Media Release-Night Shift

Police conducted many traffic stops throughout the evening.  One driver provided a sample size for the oral fluid device and the result was positive for marijuana.  The 52 year old male was then transported to the hospital to have blood drawn to test the level of impairment.  An impaired driving charge is pending the results of the samples.  His licence was suspended and the vehicle was towed.

Another driver was stopped and provided a breath sample on the ASD.  He blew a warning and his licence was suspended and the vehicle was towed.

Police were alerted to an elderly female who had become lost in the early morning hours.  A resident had called to report that the elderly woman was knocking on his door.  She did not know where she lived but was able to provide a name of a family member.  Police were able to find her family member and assist in helping the elderly woman back to her residence.