October 5, 2019

Estevan Police arrested a 24 year old male for being intoxicated in public.  He was believed to be high on meth at that time and when being taken into custody he resisted officers.  After a medical assessment by EMS he was lodged in cells and is facing charges for resisting arrest as a result of his actions.

Police responded to some suspicious activity in the northeast area of the city.  A group of young people were spoken then were sent on their way.  No further action was required.

With increased activities around  the Leisure Centre and Affinity place, police will be monitoring the no parking zones and staff parking.  Please ensure you check for signs or have the proper parking passes.  A number of parking tickets were issued last night.

Police conducted several conditions checks last night and one man was found to be breaching his Conditional Sentence Order.  He was arrested and lodged in cells and will be remanded for court on Monday.


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