October 6 -10, 2023

The Estevan Police Service dealt with 84  occurrences over the weekend; reports of harassment, theft under $5000, suspicious people or vehicles, uttering threats, noise complaints, unwanted guests in liquor establishments/businesses and reports of possible impaired drivers.

Officers attended to several complaints of individuals causing a disturbance, police were able mediate the situation without arrests.

Police are investigating a mischief to a vehicle in the ECS parking lot.

Members attended to a complaint of a youth with  weapon at the skate park, on attending the young male in question was located and transported to his parents residence and warned of the consequences of his actions.

October 10th, 2023

Police were called to the west side of the city  to a suspicious person, reported to possibly be carrying a firearm.  Members were able to intercept the individual at which time it was determined that the item observed was a pool cue and not a firearm.  No further action was necessary.