October 7, 2023

Police received a call from an emotional and distraught individual.  Police attended and spoke to the individual for a period of time and were able to calm the them down. Supports have been offered and further action was required.

Police received an anonymous RID (Report an Impaired Driver) call.  Members were able to locate the individual.  The individual was not impaired.

As a result of a separate impaired driving investigation, a 63 year old Estevan male was arrested.  The male supplied samples of breath one and a half times the legal limit.  He is  scheduled for court later in the year.

Police received a report of a lost or stolen wallet.  The individual had been out for the evening and the wallet went missing at a local liquor establishment.  Police were able to later determine that the individual left their wallet at a different liquor establishment that was visited earlier on in the evening.  Police retrieved it and delivered the wallet to the owner.