September 04, 2023

EPS received a report of a driver that appeared to be passed out at the wheel while parked.  Members attended and determined that the vehicle had been overheating and the individual was waiting for it to cool down before continuing to drive.  The driver showed no signs of impairment.

Two youths were reported to be riding their bicycles on the railroad tracks. Members attended but were unable to locate the individuals.  EPS would like to remind the public that being on the railroad tracks is unsafe and constitutes trespassing on CN property and could result in fines under the Railway Safety Act.

Report of an Assault and Mischief Under $5000.  A statement was obtained from the victim which resulted in the arrest of a 26-year old male who was subsequently released on conditions with a future court date to speak to the matter.

A traffic stop resulted in the driver of the vehicle being issued a 72-hour license suspension and his vehicle being impounded for 3 days after he failed a roadside screening device test.

A traffic stop resulted in an individual being charged with driving while prohibited. The driver was also found to be breaching court ordered conditions, so he was arrested and held in custody to appear in court to speak to the matters.