September 11, 2020

Police attended to a noise complaint in the Hillside area of the city.  The homeowner was warned under the bylaw that if a further complaint came in that a summary offence ticket would be issued.  Police remind the public that if you complain about the noise once police attend, if the situation doesn’t improve please call the police back.  Members will return and issue a summary offence ticket.  Further charges can be laid by follow up complaints.

Police received a noise complaint from the Trojan subdivision.  Police attended and warned the homeowner under the bylaw.

Police found two disturbances taking place throughout the evening.  On both occasions police deescalated the situation and sent the parties on their separate ways.

Police received a complaint about two neighbours living across the street from each other having verbal altercations back and forth across the street.  They were warned to conduct themselves more appropriately.