September 17, 2021

Police were called to the Hospital to assist with an unruly patient.  Police attended and things appeared to settle down.  Police left and were called back a short while later for the same individual.  The individual was intoxicated and uncooperative.  The individual was arrested for public intoxication and lodged in cells for a period of time to sober up.  The individual was released later on in the evening to a family member.

Police received a complaint in relation to contract workers over loading their contract trucks and therefore being over weight on the city streets.  The matter is still under investigation and being monitored.

Police received a complaint of a male entering a local business and causing a disturbance when he was advised he must wear a mask to be present in their private place of business.  Police are investigating as to whether there is a criminal case for causing a disturbance and if so charge will be pending.



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