September 29 – October 02, 2023 – Weekend Report

Police dealt with 73 occurrences over the weekend, including the following incidents:

  • Missing person reported on Friday September 29. The female was last seen walking on Highway 39 towards Weyburn. ¬†This matter remains under investigation.
  • Report of a missing high school student. The student was located a short time after the initial report safe at a friends residence.
  • Report of a suspicious person outside a residence on the west side of the city. Members patrolled the area but were unable to locate anyone.
  • Report of a stolen wallet from the central part of the city. The wallet was located in a vehicle. Police remind people to please remove valuables from your vehicle and ensure that your vehicle is locked when left unattended.
  • Report of a fire in a garage in the central part of the city. Members attended, but the fire was extinguished prior to their arrival.
  • Members assisted an individual who had locked themselves out of their residence. Members were able to gain access to the residence and let the homeowner back in.
  • Report of several mischiefs taking place at multiple locations. One female has been charged with Mischief after statements were obtained. The matter is still under investigation.
  • Report of an intoxicated male at a local establishment. The male was asked to leave the establishment and was warned of his behaviors.
  • Report of a cab driver being assaulted. Statements obtained. The matter is still under investigation.
  • Report of a female walking on the highway with a stroller. Members attended to ensure that she was safe and there were no issues.
  • A male was arrested for impaired driving. While on the traffic stop a female passenger was arrested for obstruction. After further investigation the male and female were both arrested for weapons and drug charges.