Traffic Enforcement Initiatives Planned for Estevan and Area

The Estevan Police Service has received concerns over the last couple of months in regards to erratic driving and noisy vehicles within the city.

As Saskatchewan continues to re-open, vehicle and pedestrian traffic is  increasing.

Over the next few months police will be conducting unannounced focused traffic enforcement initiatives concentrating on speeding and noisy vehicles.

Motorists could face several different Traffic Safety Act charges including speeding, driving without due care and attention, driving without reasonable consideration for others, causing unnecessary noise with a motor vehicle, and stunting to name a few.  Police will also be conducting vehicle inspections as it relates to vehicles with illegal modifications.  This would include inadequate exhaust which fails to reduce combustion noise.

The ultimate goal is to make our streets safer for drivers and pedestrians as well as reduce unnecessary vehicle noise.

The Estevan Police Service encourages citizens to report erratic and noisy driving behaviours.  When calling please provide as much detail as possible to assist members in locating and dealing with suspect drivers.  Information such as license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, details of the driving behaviors, locations etc. will assist police in identifying the vehicles and drivers responsible.  This information will also assist in identifying problem areas around the city.

Together we can make our streets safer and more enjoyable.



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