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How to build a WordPress event calendar from user submissions
Looking for a WordPress event calendar that allows you to display events, and easily add user submissions? We have the solution for you!

Plugin to show WordPress event calendar user submissions

Do you need a WordPress event calendar for user submissions?
Building an example WordPress event calendar is fairly simple, but it’s still a lot to cover in a blog post. If you would like more in-depth instructions, the knowledge base article is recommended reading.

Step 1 – Build a WordPress form for new user-submitted events
This form needs some basic minimum information. It must include the Event Name and Event Date. You also have the option to create multi-day events, and events that repeat. If your events will utilize these features, add fields to your form for these options too.

Next, add a more detailed description of your event. You may want to include an event itinerary, dress code, venue details or even a seating plan. Add fields to your form for any details you wish to display.

For my example I’m going to setup a calendar for a school website, so my form looks like this: