Criminal Record Checks

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE click the link below.

Online Criminal Record Checks

Estevan Police Service provide criminal record checks and other type of security clearance for people residing in the city of Estevan. A criminal record file consists of an individual’s criminal charges, convictions and discharges, as well as fingerprint information. It includes fingerprints if the individual was charged or convicted. This process verifies whether an individual has a criminal record and provides the applicant with the detailed information that can be legally disclosed. Vulnerable Sector check verifies whether an individual has a criminal record, as well as any record suspensions (formerly pardons) for sexual offenses and local police records for information relevant to the Vulnerable Sector Check. The information that can be legally disclosed is provided to the applicant. Individuals applying for employment or volunteer work in positions of trust or authority over children, seniors, or other vulnerable persons may have to undergo a Vulnerable Sector Check if requested by the organization responsible for hiring.

We offer Criminal Record Check, Vulnerable Sector (if required), Fingerprinting, and Commissioner of Oaths. See below for further requirements and applicable fees.


  1. You must attend in person.
  2. You must reside in the City of Estevan. Estevan Police Service will provide fingerprinting services for non-Estevan residents who are sent here from an agency that does not have Live scan Fingerprinting Services.
  3. You must have two (2) pieces of valid government issued photo identifications.
  4. At this point Estevan Police Service takes ONLY CASH. We do not accept any credit cards, debits, checks or any other type of money transactions other than cash.
  5. Volunteers will be required to submit a “Volunteer Letter” from organization seeking assistance. This letter must be on original letterhead with original signature from the organization representative. E-mailed, faxed or photocopied letters will not be accepted. If you do not have the required letter from the organization then the normal application processing fees will apply.
  6. It may take up to 5-10 business days to process criminal record request. However, if fingerprinting is required, it will take longer.


 1. Criminal Record Check                                 $40.00

2.  Fingerprints                                                   $55.00

3.  Single Fingerprint                                         $10.00

4.  Visa Application                                            $40.00

5.  Commissioner of Oaths                               $20.00


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